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I thought it was time for a humorous poll!! enjoy!!

If you have a poll that you would like to see on the site, email webmaster at controlbooth dot com with your suggestion.
im stuck between not wearing black all the time, having acted in a play, and never cutting class to hide in the catwalk (though, as it doubles as a gym and people are constantly in there, it wouldn't be a good hiding space...

im not going to say having a significant other, if my girlfriend ever found out that I said that, oh, woe be me!!!

funny poll!!!
Definately not owning theatre blacks.....

Is there such a thing as semi-casual theatre blacks? If so, where to get them?
maybe an army surplus store?
I have a significant other, but I do not feel that that affects my performance as a TD. If it does, it does for the better because she enjoys seeing me work, so I like to. She is an actress though. There has been the few times that I have gotten in trouble because of getting caught up in work, but sometimes it just has to happen and she understands. The significant other choice is mine but I do not see it as bad.
How about a "do you participate in polls?" poll.
Would be interesting to how many say "no".

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