New rules on fixture supply cords--UL 1573


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Aug 12, 2007
New York
A revised version of the UL1573 Standard for Stage and Studio Luminaires and Connector Strips will publish on Friday January 17, 2014.

This revision allows Hard Usage cord (type SJO and derivatives) as luminaire supply cords 1m or less in length. This does not apply to jumpers, only to the cords that are permanently attached to the fixture or those that terminate in an "appliance connector" that mates with a panel-mount inlet on the fixture such as a PowerCon.

The effective date of the change will be immediate. Separately, NEC section 520.68 was changed in the 2014 edition to add this same allowance, so now UL1573 and the NEC will be harmonized on this subject. These changes were initiated by proposals from the USITT Engineering Commission and members of the PLASA Electrical Power Working Group.

Previously, both the NEC and UL 1573 required Extra-Hard Usage supply cords (type SO and derivatives) on luminaires, unless they were very high temperature tungsten units where a special sleeved high-temperature assembly was allowed.

This change is particularly applicable to LED stage and studio fixtures due to their lower operating power and temperatures.