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We have just been informed that our choir teacher is leaving the school next year and we get all of the choir's sound equipment into the theatre. There is a 26 channel peavey sound board, a peavey amp, 2 peavey sp2 speakers, 2 peavey monitors, a 100' snake and 19 peavey pvm 22 mics. We are looking to add an eq to it, but not sure what one to get. We want a two band equalizer. Any suggestions. Also if anyone can suggest any other equipment that we should buy that isn't all that expensive. Please don't go with the obvious cd player, tapedeck, minidisc player, we already have those, and i want new ones anyway.
I am sorry for you in some ways, yet in other ways I am jealous. Peavey gear can be grossly overweight for it's size and a pain in the arse to move around,but then again 16 channels!
actually the peavey equipment we have is pretty light for their size, I can confortably carry one of the speakers which are three feet high by myself with no problems at all. The only problem i can thing of with them is getting up on the mounts taht our current speakers are on. thats a problem for when we do it, all i need right now is suggestions on equalizers (brand, cost, etc.) and any other equipment that will make the sound setup soo much nicer, but still easy to use.

its 26 channels, not 16 avkid
Congratulations on your capital equipment gain!

I do have one concern, though. Even though you shouldn't look a gift horse in the mouth, I read your original post and wondered...

Why are you getting the choir's hand-me-downs? Are they planning on purchasing new equipment for the choir next year (or the year after depending upon when the teacher leaves)? If so, why don't they just get your theater new equipment and let the choir keep theirs?
Our choir teacher is leaving the school and the new choir teacher doesn't know a thing about technical stuff so the sound equipment is useless to her. The equipment is only 3 years old and instead of letting sit there collecting dust, we might as well move it into the theatre and make good use of it.
Great! :)

I was hoping it would be something like that. Have fun with it.
I'd reccomend a dbx EQ. Their 1 rack space units are nice. They come in 1 band and 2 bands. We have a driverack, but I'd use analog EQs anyday. Besides, you need a laptop to program it.

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