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My school just received 2 new Sennheiser ew100 G2 wireless handhelds.

When they were delivered, the guy from the Sennheiser dealer said to read the manual prior to turning them on. I looked through it, and there's not a whole lot there about setting them up to run for the first time..

What all is involved in setting them up?
Turn the receiver and the mic on and set the channels??

I'd appreciate any help! Thanks :D
he probably only said that to cover himself. and there ain't a lot to cock up in a wireless mic when setting it up (exlcuding hitting it when it doesn't work!)
You can try an online search for Sendheiser's website. They may have more detailed manuals that you can download there. If not they may also have a FAQ and/or question forum there that can be helpful.

Good luck!

I'm with rgsw. They was just covering himself. First thing you should do is fillout and read any Warranty Info and send it in, god forbid if the unit should crap out on you. Speaking of the unit itself; Is a great wireless system those germans can realy make some good stuff. So, set the wireless's and and test them out.

Oh, before i forget. Keep your cell phone off when your running them. :wink: Good luck.
only that model, or are all wireless systems screwed up by cell phones?
Most all wireless systems are screwed up by cell phones.

I remember last year for my musical we constantly had static from the mic's at random times. I also know that cell phones did it, because I was in the booth and I got a call and the sound got all f***ed up.

It was horrible for us, because our receivers were mounted on the booth, not backstage, so we had a horrible time with the mic's.

I believe that Nextels are the worst, with the direct connect feature.
Note to audience: For maximum experience please shut off all your crap. Thank you.
that would get me fired and suspended! i usually use : please turn off all portable electronic devices at this time. (i know it sounds just like what the airlines say)
I got everything up and working today. Flipped them on, set the channels and walked around the gym with them, no problems at all.
We use "at this time we would liek to ask you to turn off all helicopters, electric lawnmowers, personal message devices, robotic animals, cell phones.." you get the point..we typiccly make a list of about 10 random things and use it every day

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