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Newbie Seeking Opinions

Discussion in 'New Member Board' started by lucci, Jun 10, 2009.

  1. lucci

    lucci Member

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    Hello All,
    New to the forum, but not to lighting.
    I'm basically doing a little research on LED stage lighting and would like some opinions.

    1. Best or Favorite LED Stage Lighting Manufacturers
    2. Top five LED Stage Lights
    3. Any gripes or complaints about LED Stage Lights

    Thanks in advance,
  2. theILLUMINATEDfrog

    theILLUMINATEDfrog Member

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    Dallas, Texas, United States
    this is just going to be a quick little $0.02 since Im so busy at work, but a small break is welcome....

    Elation has awesome fixtures in my opinion, though, they're some of the more expensive ones. Martin would be a very close second (if not #1). Again, $$$

    I don't have a top 5.... my stage is lit almost exclusively with tungsten source, but the ColorKinetics that i use for washes works as well as they should.

    Watch for Flickering... most newer products have anti-flicker technology. Especially important if your event will be filmed/broadcast. Older and used LEDs don't necessarily have this safeguard.

    You can find LED washes with awesome Lumen output, but I'd rather spend 1/4 of the money and get the same amount of light from a conventional source. Cheaper LEDs just aren't as bright, well.... saturated, lets put it that way.

    Biggest Error with LEDs ---- Cool, New, and Expensive Technology will not create your design for you. Lighting Art and Theatre have been done for hundreds of years on shoestrings... buying new toys won't automatically mean your show will turn out beautiful. Create a concept, define atmosphere, and chose instrumentation accordingly.... Don't start by wanting to use an instrument and then look for ways to incorporate it. Let your design determine the products to use. And as with every art, there are 100+ ways to achieve the aesthetic, LEDs just happen to be the newest.
  3. directsound

    directsound Member

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    Southern California
    The LED effects are the way to go although some of the lights are a bit more to start you save big in the long run, with lights lasting over 10 years the cost saving in bulb replacement pays for itself alone, along with the low /no heat you save on A/C energy costs you know how hot halogen lights are! And for every watt of power you pay to run them you pay that much in energy to cool the room back down and if your lights are mounted high above a stage not having to hire people or rent equipment to change out bulbs is another big savings. Now a standard LED Mega Bar has about as much output as 2 500w Par cans the power draw from the pars are 1000w the draw from the LED's is about 20w for the same output Plus you get full RGB color mixing with the LED's with the Pars you need to add a lot more par cans to achieve the same effect so your costs go up even more. Great for the environment low heat, great colors, DMX controllable without dimmer packs, even more of a cost saving. Everyone should get On board with the new technology. Soon you won’t even be able to get incandescent light just like the 8 track they will fade away :)
    Don’t get me wrong there are still a few effects out there that the LED hasn’t quite made their mark like Strobes it’s hard to match a good Xeon bulbs but when it comes to wash lighting and color mixing WOW it’s hard to go wrong.. Thanks DJ Mikey Mike

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