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Hi kids,

Tomorrow I'm heading up north to the Kenai Peninsula of our 49th state for a few weeks, and was curious of any ControlBooth users/lurkers that may be located in the region. I'd be pleased to stop in and see your facility if your schedule permits.
Also, for any users with technically-related questions regarding Apollo products, please email [email protected] during my absense from the forum, as my access to an internet connection may be limited.

Enjoy your 4th of July!



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While I gorge on Halibut fish and chips as much as possible while on the peninsula, don't pass up a halibut taco if you get the chance.

Sharyn's down in Sitka but you're no where near there.. If I remember right there's a guy who works at a big theater in Anchorage who has posted a few times.

Edit: "Wodden" is the guy I was thinking of...

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