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We bought 4 used DDS 9800 dimmers, and 4 DMX conversion kits. Converted one to DMX, and tested. Several of the no load LEDs were solid on and channels full on. So converted one of our 9800's we know works on MPX, and that one worked great on DMX. So we tried converting a second 9800 from the 4 we bought. All channels no load LED solid and lights full. Then looked at the 9800 that was working, now it has all no load LEDs solid on and lights full. Wondering if plugging and unplugging DMX line confused the 9800.

1. Does anyone know/have the instructions to do a hard reset? I think you have to jump something on the board on power up. But cannot find instructions anywhere on internet or CB.

2. Is there a connect order, or power up order after installing the DMX kits? Like connect everything, power up dimmers then power up board? Or vice versa?

And just to answer some questions you might be asking... The LEDs are solid, as in no load. Not blinking from using the focus button. Yes the breakers are on and the bulbs are not shorted, that is why the lights are on full. Yes the board is DMX (ETC 24/48). It has been used several times in another DMX venue with no problem. Yes, I think the conversion kits were installed correctly. Chip installed with notches matching. DMX in/out installed with wire colors matching diagram. And the signal LED is on, indicating dimmer recognizes the DMX signal. Yes, line 1 and line 2 LEDs are on.

One thing I could try is to switch the connectors back to MPX, pull out the MPX board, and verify everything still working there. The instructions say you can leave the chip in the socket and switch back and forth between DMX and MPX.


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Having a similar problem .. put in the DMX update .. signal light comes on so it's getting the data .. but no operation. I have reverted back to MPX and works fine. If there's a reset that'd be fantastic .. I 've mailed the maker of the conversion kit .. so hopefully i'll get some feedback.


I figured out my problem. I purchased DMX conversion kits from two vendors. Both had the wires wrong. The kits with red, green, white, yellow and black wires had the yellow and white wires swapped on both the male and female connectors. That swaps the data+ and the data- lines. The color order should match the order on the connector inside the dimmer. The kits with purple, green, dark blue, light blue and black wires had the female order backwards. So the first dimmer worked fine. But the second in the DMX daisy chain did not. Once I corrected the wiring on both sets, they worked great. Remember on one connector the order is clockwise, on the other it is counter-clockwise. I don't remember which is what and it depends on if you are looking at the front or the back. Message me if you have any questions and I can explain further.

I am also going to attach the reset instructions for the DDS 8600, 8800, 9600 and 9800 dimmers. This came from Leviton/NSI support. It did not help me. But good to know for future reference.


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