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Nu Delta Digital LogiCue Cue Light System

Discussion in 'USITT 2013' started by gafftaper, Mar 27, 2013.

  1. gafftaper

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    Another great product from Nu Delta Digital is their LogiCue Cue Light System. We were really impressed with the quality of the product, the way it meets a need, the easy of setup and use, and felt that the price was really very reasonable.

    He doesn't mention in the video that, if you don't need the full 12 pack, you can get a base station and 6 cue buttons for $1125. Also note that it works with standard XLR microphone cable and he said he's had runs work just fine at over 1000 feet.
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  2. mikalos

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    I see this post is years old - can anyone who has this system confirm the dimensions of the controller and cue light, and especially the square display/button on the cue light?

    Any opinion on whether this will really draw attention among all the screens and lighted controls of a large audio mix console?

    Any maintenance problems from long term users?

    Thank You -

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