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Does anyone know of some good companies in or close to New York state to rent lighting equipment from? Specifically cable and stage-pin/twist-lock adapters. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!


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Theres altman Rentals- 914-476-7368

I use Contemporary Lights out of Stamford, CT for everything i do in the tri-state area- their # is 203-359-8200.

There is also 4Wall down in Jersey- 806-492-5540

SLD Lighting in the city, i dont have their number off the top of my head, but google SLD Lighting.

But as i said, i love contemporary and they will deliver to you or Ship to you anything you want.

Hope that helps


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Thank you, I'll check them out! If anyone else has any other suggestions, particularly from up-state areas, that would be helpful! Thank you again!


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Here's one in CT:

Show Lighting Corporation
20 Willard Ave
Berlin, CT 06037-2240
(860) 828-1633


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4 Wall in N Bergen, NJ 201 329-9878

PRG, also in N Bergen (201) 758-4000

Big Apple on Canal St. (212) 226-0925

BML out in Raritan (908) 253-0888

GSD In Hempstead, LI 515 505 900

Altman in Yonkers 914 476-7987



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Smatticus said:
How many do you need, and what's your budget?

As for rentals:
Syracuse Scenery & Stage Lighting Co., Inc.
101 Monarch Drive
Liverpool, NY 13088-4514
phone: 800-453-7775 or 315-453-8096
fax: 315-453-7897

Real people are available to help you
Monday through Friday 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM Eastern Time



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The budget is basically whatever we need, and we're going to need in the neighborhood of 20 of them, the theatre we had to use as a last resort this year has all twist-lock connectors, and a limited number of fixtures, but all the places we can borrow fixtures from have stage pin connectors. There is only one school in the area that also has twist-lock and they won't let us borrow. Thank you for all of your suggestions, I will look into them, we have, however, chosen not to use SSSL.


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Have you had problems with them in the past?(PM)
Would it be easier to just temporarily swap out plugs?


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Creative Stage Lighting Co., Inc.
P.O. Box 567
149 Route 28N
North Creek, NY 12853
Phone: (518) 251-3302
Fax: (518) 251-2908
[email protected]

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