Odd lighting angle help?


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And just because its floor supported does not mean that it takes less rigging knowledge, infact a self supporting system can be more dangerous then a hung system. You will really need to look at this system and have someone Verify that the towers can take the load. Its one thing to just throw a tree up, but the second you start connecting towers together you start dealing with some very different forces.


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Have to echo what footer said, floor lifts can be more dangerous! I have always been more nervous about the use of floor lifts in a public environment then point rigging. For one thing, security becomes more of an issue because you don't want some clown from the audience getting near or playing with it. The second thing is just engineering dynamics, you are balancing a high load on top of fulcrum, the base. When you start looking at the math you can see what strain a small disturbance in distribution can cause on those base and leg welds. When I think back on show accidents I have seen and heard of, so many are caused by breaches in security, I just feel better keeping everything out of reach.

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