Okay... introduction time...


I hate doing this... but here goes...

I've actually been watching this site for a little while... you are some quite helpful people, even if I never asked a question...

I'm a fresh Tech... sadly to say.
High school TD and LD for several years, [award-winning, i might add... hahaha] only out of high school a few months.
I currently live in Las Vegas, NV and am in the process of getting a permanent job in the buisness [which I'm finding out is hard when you're 18 and fresh out of high school, not to mention being a girl], but to tide me over I work [and have worked for close to a year now] as the house Assist. LD at a local live music venue... which I LOVE!

Sadly I'm not in college [family issues, plus I despise the program of our local University] but am shopping around... I'll probably be posting later asking for tips on my portfolio, good schools, scholarships [I know I spelled that wrong] ect.

Like I said, I'm glad to be part of the board... thanks for all the help you've unwittingly given me up to this point...
Welcome. Learn, ask, and contribute.

Jeremy Lyon
Technician at The McAnich Arts Center
Hi there!
Welcome to the board, glad you decided to say hello. Hope you find a lot of fun and useful information and that you will be posting and contributing when you can and tell all your friends! =)

Las Vegas..one of my favorite places. Mostly IA houses out there...and as I recall Cirque is usually always hiring.

Look forward to seeing your participation on the website!

On behalf of ControlBooth.com, welcome aboard!!! I am your webmaster, dvsDave, and I just wanted to welcome you to the site!

Las Vegas, huh? You gonna go to LDI when it's out there? (hopefully soon, as I am looking for an excuse to take a road trip out west!!)

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