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old 1220 XR scanners

Discussion in 'Lighting and Electrics' started by legacy, Sep 21, 2008.

  1. legacy

    legacy Member

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    south carolina
    got two of these units They have been working fine (really...<g>) well the DMX cable was cut while running. After repairing the cable (yes data is on pin 2) they will not recieve info from the controller. Data passes through to the other fixtures after these fixutres but 1220 are dead . Is it possible that somehow the DMX card on both units has shorted or something..... love the lights but no parts are being made for them any longer..... Any ideas....
  2. len

    len Well-Known Member

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    Several ways to troubleshoot.

    1. Get a tester. Test data before the signal gets swapped.

    2. Run a line direct from the desk to the fixture, plus a swapper.

    3. Get another desk, something even 8 channels is fine, just so you can send a new data signal.

    Troubleshooting is merely eliminating possibilities.

    Is it possible the addresses got changed?

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