old mics?


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Anyone know a good place to find old mics? I am looking for dynamic and large-diaphram mics from the 50's and 60's.... Thanks!
avkid said:
Yet again one of young Jedi has been lead away from their path of lifelong SEARCHING.


So all that for a link to a topic that had only one reply? You never even posted a follow up to say if you bought one and if it was what you expected it to be (performace wise).

Wouldn't your efforts have been better spent by actually posting a comment in this forum either stating their availability or you experiences with it??

Otherwise, what was the point?
Alrighty... I didn't see the other post about the EV-664, but how about finding one for less than $250? Actually... I think there are 5 in use at city hall... I might see if I could arange a deal to get them SM-58's or something in place of them...

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