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Just digging around the other day and realized that I have an old Superior Electric "Luxtrol" 20 channel two scene w/manual console that was originally used with magnetic amplifier dimmers. I really don't have a use for this thing any more, and it is killing lots of space. Since there are some awfully old systems out there, I thought I would ask if anyone has any desire for any of this stuff (free - you ship it) to maintain an older system before I pitch it. Specifically, I have 60 of the channel control plugin modules, part number "SMR-B". They are the curved face, internally lit channel modules with the while plastic dial on the front that is scaled 1 to 10. I also have the two submasters and master fader, which are actually autotransformers in this console, which are all the same, but one has a broken off handle (could be fixed by swapping parts with a channel.) The rest of the console is pretty much just switches, but the whole thing is also intact and operable, but big, ugly, and heavy. I also have at least 10 50A magnetic amplifier dimmers, some spare control modules, and they are all knows good.

I don't know if any of these systems are still out there, but have seen some discussions on some of the forums centering around some pretty old stuff still in schools and such, so, if this can be of use or help to anyone, let me know. Otherwise, it's trash to me . . .

- Tim
Portable and truck are pretty accurate - the dimmers for this thing are about 75 lbs. EACH, with no racking. This is pretty much a permanent installation system, but I can still get pix if you are still interested. Keep in mind that although the console is 20 channel, I only have about 8 or 10 of the dimmers for it (I adapted a solid state pack for the rest, but it has been decomissioned and/or used elsewhere.

- Tim
Is it in any way controllable by DMX or AMX? If it is, I'm printing this topic out and heading straight to administration to beg them to pay shipping! :D
I have no dimmers, so a few is better than none! I am used to lifting 80lb speakers over my head, so it won't be a problem!
I'm not sure about AMX, but I highly doubt DMX was thought of at the time of this equipment's reign.
Analog, 0-12V 1/2 wave AC control, as I recall . . . . as I said, this stuff is OLD! I got it in the mid 80's and is was already old then!

- Tim
I too have an old system that I'm looking to get rid of, one's a set of autotransformers, the other resistance dimmers. I have no idea if they work or not. I'll post some pictures when I get the chance.

Apparently, a long while back somebody offered us some money for them for a museum, which we turned down because we were stupid. I think the resistance dimmers are from the 40s, and I don't know the date on the autotransformers. Somebody suggested selling them to an industrial recycler for the copper.

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