Older QSC Power amp fix. (Random Muting)


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Just thought I would pass this along. Applies to the 1100, 1200, 1400, 1700 older QSC amps that may randomly mute for a few second to a minute.

Had a 1200 that was driving me nuts as it took about a half hour to start doing it. Turns out that QSC uses an LED soldered in the middle of the pcb (not an indicator) to produce a voltage reference. After enough years, they get flaky and go open circuit at just the right temperature! Had two other amps about the same age, and sure enough with a heat gun and cold spray they were flaky too! 10 cent part, run of the mill LED. Labeled LD3
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Excellent work on finding that! There is nothing harder to solve than intermittents.


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Wow, great job and very good to know. Im sure someone will web search this issue and now they will actually find a solution!
Oh the love!

easy fix, great to hear!


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would the PLX series have something like that?
Although I have a PLX, I have not had to rip it apart yet. QSC had a couple of common themes going in their older amps. (Like pulling the speaker output from the power supply and frame grounding the output transistors!) It wouldn't surprise me if they kept doing it. The amps have been rock solid through the years. Outside of a few ring cracks around output transistors, and this problem, haven't needed much attention.

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