Online Distance Learning Safety courses for teens?


Mar 24, 2009
San Francisco
Hi folks,

I am a High School technical Director. My High school is on a Distance Learning Program through June. This presents as lemons for my Hands-on, Project Based Learning model. It's time to make lemonade.

The areas that I wish I covered better over the whole program is general theater safety, shop safety and over-head safety.

I was thinking if someone had access to a good program, I am all ears.

I myself take the usual professional safety courses for shop tools, areas and material handling. These would not be appropriate for my teenage students. I don't think I would get the needed buy-in for an Osha type online course. (Don't flame me about teaching the students about the industry. I have 60 tech kids at different levels of technical theater. If two of them eventually go into the industry, that would be nice.)

I would like a winning program that works and is interesting on its own merits for this age group.

I am open to whatever you use for this. I can buy dvd's or subscriptions for working behind a pay-wall. Whatever is cool.

If you present lectures, I can invite you as a guest speaker. Let me know what you are thinking. Otherwise, I am going to have to create this from scratch.

Thanks for your positive input on this.



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Sep 18, 2009
Spokane, WA the great "Inland Northwest"
Chicago Flyhouse has a great YouTube channel. While the style is dry, they regularly break stuff. They carefully explain why things are done without getting technical.

I haven't looked but tool makers probably do how-to videos. They will emphasize safety.

You might contact IATSE. Their training arm is for members, but they might make an edu exception.

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