Online Portfolio Courtesy of Mac


So recently I signed up for .mac and it has been great. For those of you who don't know, .mac is an e-mail provider that is simialr to AOL, but without all the crap and it has a bunch more features. One of the great features is your own webpage. I have used mine to create a simple online portfolio of some of my work. Just thought I would post a link to it so you can get a feel for what great things you can do with this utility.

.Mac is a service of Apple. $99 bucks a year, email, backup, web page, web storage, and virus protection for mac users (even if you don't need it)

Anyway my point is you'll get much more out of .Mac if you actually own a mac. Do not buy a powermac or powerbook for at least another week as there are probably updates coming. for those that are interested
and for the .Mac service
I think one of the problems why alot of people choose not to get a mac is because although there is alot of great software out there that only works for mac and does alot of cool stuff, for third party actual hardware extras there is almost nothing because mac has too tight control over all that. I'm not saying that macs can't be good and get the job done, there are other benifits like there are alot less viruses and stuff like that but if you want the ability for alot of third party type stuff, you should go with a windows. That may change eventually but I'm pretty sure thats a big reason people go with windows instead.


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