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Looks cool.

I am no expert on these things, but the talking "Daniel did such and such..." threw me for a loop. I think saying "I" and "my" is perfectly fine and will make it much more natural. (I think this is where we throw the English class "never use personal pronouns" out the window...)
You might want to revise your resume'.... orginize the job portion by the job and not by time.... also you do not need an objective.... and under special skills be more specific... i.e. saw and lumber construction... what board software you know, what version of vectorworks, do you know how to use word, excel,... all that type of thing
Thank you all for you suggustions, I really appreciate it. If you have any more, by all means, keep them coming. Dana thank you so much for that article, it is extremely helpfull! Thanks alot, if I have any more specific questions, I will be in touch.

You're welcome. That's what we're here for...


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