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basically I'm after suggestions as to what would be a good piece of music that the intro of which can be played (about 20 secs worth) that would signify the start of the open mic night at the students union. It has to be mellow(ish) and acoustic - to keep in wtih the theme of the evening. Obviously it would also have to have a distinctive intro in order to be a theme tune.

any suggestions please?


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student union... so we are talking college-

i would find someone on campus who plays guitar... have them write or arrange something and play and/or record it- the more things you can use from students on campus the better-

or you could always go with the classic drums


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I would go for a clip of the accoustic version of Radiohead's Karma Police, because what college kid isn't a fan of radiohead?
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There's a little jazzy accoustic piece on a Jane's Addiction record (Ritual de lo Habitual I think) called "Thank You Boys" I used it a few times at fashion shows and talent shows. I think it runs about 35 seconds, you could trim it.

Recording a student sounds cooler, but if you don't have the facilities or inclination just pull something.


getting students work is much better than a famous bad, we just did something like that where we had two students write a 30 sec sond that just had a guitar and piano, it was pretty awesome

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