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Current venue has a "Very NEW" installed ETC system, IONxe. But are still utilizing there old monitors from their old Element. Currently they are (2) two Cocar 19" 16x10 Touch Panels. and the 19" 1440x900 is feeling rather cramped. There clarity and viewing angles also or poor, and one of them is loosing some of its colors. Time for replacement

I admit I don't feel touch panels are a necessity for EOS and Theater, but wouldn't discount them just because of that. And might just succumb to what ever IT Dept has laying around, but...

Do you all have any opinions on 24"- 27" monitors that you'd recommend? I'd be open to Touch Panels but it;'s not high on the list. What i feel is more important for our needs now is

ergonomic (desk stand),
Larger screen real estate
HIgh resolution, (2k)
and 16X10 aspect (which I do think suits the EOS software better then 16X9)

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Do you have a budget?

If you don't need touch then the Samsung 49" CRG9 is a pretty sweet option for screen real estate. Dell's touch displays are well-liked in the industry. Their current offering is the P2418HT. The theatre console has a pair of the older P2314Ts. My home setup is a single P2314T and the aforementioned Samsung CRG9, wall-mounted. The desk stand sits lower.


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We generally recommend the Dell 24s these days. They're reasonably priced, nicely built, and easy to get your hands on. It is also what's in my rental inventory for all those same reasons.


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The request was specifically for 16x10, not necessarily touch. All of the recommendations so far have been 16x9.

I think with the XE you'll find that touch monitors are more useful than ever, given the lack of dedicated soft keys on the face panel. With multiparam fixtures taking over, touch also becomes better and better. I wish there were more 16x10 options out there, but the world seems to have accepted 16x9. Maybe turning one of the screens into 9x16 will give you the best of both worlds.

One thing I will say, if you go for touch monitors make sure they don't have touch sensitive monitors controls on the bottom bezel. You'd think monitor designers would know better, but...

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