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Betcha a dime that the casters are either Faultless or Colson mfr. If there isn't a mfr. name marked on the caster Get catalogs from both & find yours.


For anyone curious - We never heard back from Kirkegaard or NY building office. So - we pulled one piece of the orchestra shell out to the edge of the thrust, lowered the pit, and were able to get under and see the wheels. Turns out they are Hamilton 041270 wheels. I reached out to Hamilton and they had our theater's prior purchases on file! Our current wheels are no longer a model they carry but they will be sending over replacements of Series D Duralast Wheels 10"x3" (W-1030-D) w/ straight roller bearings. We needed 6 per shell piece as they are designed 2 per caster. Still no clue who designed our shells exactly for future reference or repairs needed (there are absolutely no markings anywhere or were painted over long ago) BUT with the wheel debacle solved I think we should be in good shape for any future smaller needs. Interesting tidbit for other nerds like me - the wheels havent been replaced in SO long, and had worn/compressed down to only 8 1/2"...

THANK YOU to everyone who reached out to help!


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Good news, good idea on how to access. Thanks for the update

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