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Just noticed an ad in this months CX magazine for a ‘new’ PAR lamp by Osram. The aluPAR lamp replaces the glass reflector with an aluminium one, resulting in a (reported) 66% decrease in weight and a 10% increase in output.

These are the main points contained in the ad”

* 66% lighter and 10% brighter
* Aluminium reflector
* Direct replacement - suitable in all fittings (does that mean they will
fit into my Fresnels? (just kidding :p ))
* Patented dual-fuse system (will have to ask about that)
* Environmentally friendly (when compared to what?)
* Different luminous intensities, voltages and beam angles offer flexibility for designing lighting effects

Thr following is the only information I could find on their Australian web site:


Osram will be a distributor at Enach (our LDI) which is in Sydney from Feb 13-15 and I intend to stop by their booth and ask them a few questions.

Anyone heard, seen or even used one of these?
My Chemistry Teacher would say environmentally friendly, my nine year old can tell me something is environmentally friendly. I think what they are saying is that with a broken lamp, you can separate it into components and, for example, send the aluminium for recycling. Either that or, though it is not explicitly stated, it might be that it does not contain mercury or the like.
Are you going to Entech Chris?
I'm still at school and its on during the week, so probably not.
Ah - the "my nine year old can tell me something..." comment threw me.

Entech is open until 18:00 on Monday and Tuesday and 17:30 on the Wednesday, so depending on where in Sydney you are it may still be an option.

If I recall correctly, entrance to the trade show is free if you register. You have to pay for the seminars and courses. I am doing the OH&S one on the Sunday.
Besides Mayhem will buy you lunch if not even sponsor the field trip for you with the school for extra credit in what ever subject most comes close to the field trip. Go to the event if at all possible.

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