Osram BTN within tolerances?


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About a month ago I got a case and a half of Osram BTN's for our fresnels to replace the BTL's that were in there. As I was changing them out, I noticed that a couple of the quartz envelopes were sealed into the porcelain crooked. Not too much, but enough to notice that it's crooked. I know fresnels are not precision focused instruments like lekos are, so I just didn't think too much of it and put them in. They all worked, and I'm not getting any gel burning problems or uneven beams. Has anyone else seen this in their medium prefocus base lamps, or did the guys in Mexico get a little sleepy at the switch for my batch? Also, does anyone know what the tolerances are for this lamp?
You once in a while see this with lamps even expensive moving light lamps or motion picture grade fluorescent lamps. Depending upon how bad that seating angle is, you are always welcome to return your lamps to place of purchase for ones to your satisfaction. Again it's a Fresnel, so it depends upon how drastic of an angle it is, but it's a mistake you do see from time to time and is under warranty.

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