Just a quick question

Im setting up a perminent rig on monday..

BOARD ---[DMX]--->  Dimmer > (Fixture 1/2/3/4/etc) ---[DMX]--->Terminate

Ok now how do i tell the board what DMX address the dimmer has? or are they just 0:1 0:2 or what ever.. or can i use a 1:1 Patch feature it has..

Also for the production ill be using a few movers
BOARD ---[DMX]---> Dimmer (Fixture 1/2/3/4/etc) ---[DMX]---> Mover 1 ---[DMX]---> Mover 2 [terminate]

Is that correct?

PS: Gr8 site
What is your console? Is there a soft patch computer screen, or an older hard patch assign board? Do you know what your Dimmer pack address is? FWIW, soft patching is just a matter of telling the console which DMX channels you want in which control channels of the console... i.e. Channel 1 on the console can be DMX dimmer 1 and channel 2 can be DMX dimmer channel 2 as in a 1:1 patch...or channel 1 can DMX dimmers 1-6 in a non 1:1 patch if you assign them that way. Given you have movers--I would presume you have a soft patch...don't forget to consider that most movers use up several channels of DMX per address--some can take up as much as 20 channels of DMX to control their various features--and each of these features if you are not using a moving light console should be assigned to its own channel for individual control--and then you have varying percentages per channel that will control various attributes and functions. So make sure you check your patch numbers so you don't have overlaps or conflicts.

Also--while you are looping movers out of your dimmer racks--I may suggest that if possible you either use a second universe of DMX for your movers and the first universe of DMX for your dimmers--provided your console is capable of multiple universes. OR use an opti-iso splitter to send DMX split and isolated to two different things and terminate at each line, and not run your DMX from your console, thru your packs, and into your movers--there is the possibility of signal interference or loss between the dimmers and the movers, for example as the movers can sometimes use talk-back functions, or just cause grounding interferences that can degrade or cause problems in the signal and control. Just an FYI---cause it is a possibility...


I'll be using a Axiom [Manual]

I'm unsure of the Dimmer - but the board has TTY/Termnial output

Don't have any movers yet.

Thanks for your help
I've never used the Axiom...but it looks similar to a Jands-hog console. I skimmed the manual link you provided--The Axiom is 512ch of its one universe able to handle 512 channels max. It also has both the ability to 1:1 patch or to soft-patch assign dimmers to channels rather easily. So that should not be a problem for ya.
Please feel free to post any questions and folks here will be glad to help you out as best as possible.. We have quite a few folks on board who may be familiar with your set up more too.

Selecting a 1 to 1 patch will automatically perform the following operations;
l Erase the current patch.
l Set all dimmers to HTP types.
l Remove any FIXTURE numbers from dimmer outputs.
l Patch all dimmer outputs to their corresponding channel numbers. All dimmer numbers above the highest
channel number will not be patched.
l Retain the existing patch name.
To perform a 1 to 1 patch, select the "MORE" menu as described above and then press;
[F1 1 TO 1], [F6 YES], [F6 YES]
Yes, you set the desk to 1:1 patching and into wide mode. As moving lights can sometimes take up to 21 channels to operate, and the Axiom does not provide a feature for moving lights you must have 1:1 patching which means each channel will control a different attribute of your moving light, generally: pan, tilt, gobo1, gobo2, gobo3, colour plate 1, colour plate 2, colour plate 3, focus etc.

On your moving lights though, you have to set in their menu that their channels start at say 13-18 and the second one from 19-24 and use 1-12 as your generic dimmer channels.
If you have two dimmers then it would probably be more logical to do Rack 1: 1-12 and Rack 2: 13-24.

What type of moving lights will you be using and I can tell you what patches to put for them and how many channels does your desk have... is it a 48 channel axiom?
On your racks, depending on what brand there will be either 3 turning dials, or 3 dip switches that are number units, tens, hundreds. so 001 means channel one.

So on your first rack you would set it to 001.
On your second rack you would number it 013. This means the first rack starts at channel 1, and the second rack will start at channel 13.
This is of cause presuming you have 12 channel dimmer racks. Im guessing you are in either Australia or England cause i think we are one of the only countries that has the Axiom desks :S
Ah nice, my family is from Tassie but we are in Melbourne now!

Glad the info helped you!

let us know if you have any more probs.... From looking at your photo looks like you have a Jands CCT rack maybe?
if not LSC touring series?
If it is just as a standard rig then yeah by all means.

With my standard rig I have 4 on stage bars, LX1 and LX2 have the same fixtures to give an even wash of the stage in OW, Red, Blue and Green and on my LX3 i have a similar arangement but slightly different and on LX4 I have my cyc washes.

I have two FOH bars and Two side of stage booms which I use for spots and specials :)

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