Painting Lighting Fixtures

Carson Williams

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Hi! I am in possession of a bunch of white LED wash pars, all of which will be visible in the next production. What is the best way to paint them black? Since they are LED's will they need a high temp paint? Preferably a spray paint.

Thanks in advance!


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I don't think you'll need any high temp paint for this project. You might want to prime them and use a good quality enamel spray paint since scratches will show white and be unsightly.

You'll also want to disassemble the fixture for painting since you won't want to get overspray on the internal electronics.


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Disassemble. Wire-brush or sand to roughen. Wipe down w/lacquer thinner to de-grease. Spray primer. Spray finish coat. Re-assemble when completely dry.


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Some LED fixtures have heatsinks on the outside of the fixture for passive cooling, some use the body of the fixture. It is best to avoid painting dedicated heatsinks, though I find most of them are already black anodized aluminum, to begin with.

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