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I know my username may be lightgod, but I'm stumped, and now I've been demoted to a lightqueen.

So, my school has an older board (Coltran Encore) that was recently wiped. In the process of several different people repatching it, we've accidentally lost a few functions. If anyone could help, that would be really rad.

Here are some issues:
  • Strobe/Party Lights
  • The color LED's on the cat have been overwritten with house lights
  • Northern Lights Effect (similar to the strobe lights, but slower and darker)
... And that's all we know.
If you know of anything that could help, please hit me up. I'm begging you. I'm on my knees man.
- Lighting McQueen
I'm not certain what you mean by "wiped" -- I'm guessing that someone turned it on and began a new show file, possibly re-setting the patch one-to-one and from your description not patching anything as a fixture (or at least, not to the correct personality).

Do you have an old show file saved to a floppy disk / USB drive/ network drive / other storage location? Even if it's a slightly out-of-date version, it may solve a lot of your problems.

Do you have paperwork for the lighting plot? A channel hookup would let you re-patch everything to the correct address, and should also contain enough information to patch LED fixtures to the correct personality profile.

If not ... you may need to do a tour of your facility, and notate what cricuits your conventional fixtures are plugged into, and the addresses and personalities of your LEDs and other intelligent fixtures. It might be a golden opportunity to re-visit your rep plot and make new choices for the space.
I'm wondering if your old console has a failing or dead battery. This would wipe the patch and could affect the dimmer protocol setting. I would assume that this setting should be set to DMX and not CMX.

This. These consoles usually have never had their RAM backup battery (a CR2354 coin cell) replaced! When this battery dies, CMX/DMX selection and other parameters are lost. Can't remember if it affects the patch but it well could. Try replacing the battery ...pages A3 to A5 of the owners manual.

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