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I have NEVER seen a Jands CL in the wild before, so I may indeed not be the best to answer. However a quick web search turned up the manual...

Section 4 details patching fixtures.

There are two general approaches to patching things like Irises and I-cues and such. Either patch the device to a seperate channel(s) to control (like on older consoles) or patch the elements into the same channel "patching more than one fixture to a channel"... You can also look in the fixture library, and it looks easy enough to edit/create a new entry.

Patch your address for the fixture into an "intensity" parameter, and the appropriate rotator addresses to the appropriate parameters depending on the mode the rotator is in.

It is really easy for basic control in 2-ch mode, and easy to control manually (just patch it as dimmers like a light and use faders) or in mode 5 or 6 its 6 addresses (16bit, so fine and coarse).

EDIT: Forgot to link the manual http://jands.com/downloads/stagecl/StageCL_1-3_User_Guide.pdf

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