Control/Dimming Pathport, ETC ION and Ovation 910FC

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Good Evening all,
I have a strange happening with our LX system on power up. I will first let you know about our systems.
An ION classic (ver 3.1.5) pathport Via and Quatro, Ovation 910FC fixtures and Jands dimmers that can be Dimmers, Hot power or switch power). There are other fixtures in the rig but not effected by this event.
When we fire up the console the ovations all get some sort of signal and give an intensity without anything being sent from the ION. The only way we can get them to go out is to give them an intensity value and then take them out. No problems exist past this point.
When we start the console the dimmers that are hot (that power the ovations) come on as soon as they receive DMX signal. As I said it is only the Ovations that do this and no other fixtures.
The Dimmer spec sheet is here.
Does anyone have a suggestion why this might occur and how can we stop it.
Thanks in advance

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