Pathway Connectivity Releases Pathscape


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Simple, powerful configuration tool for all Pathway devices. Pathscape™, the successor to Pathport Manager, is a free software suite for configuration of Pathway's entire product line including VIA™, Pathport™ gateways, Cognito2™, Choreo™, NSB™, Vignette™, and eDIN™ interface cards.

Download HERE.

Featuring a brand-new, graphical patch editor, complex sub-universe channel patching can be configured with a simple and intuitive drag-and-drop interface. A familiar and powerful grid view is also provided for more in-depth, line-by-line patching.

Port configuration on VIA switches is also much faster and can be done en masse with copy-and-paste commands.
No need for multiple applications: everything needed to set-up, configure and troubleshoot your Pathway products, both ethernet-based and RDM, is included.

Pathscape comes bundled with the latest firmware for VIA Switches, Pathport gateways, NSB and Vignette.


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Hi Rob,
I have a Pathport system that was installed in 2015 ( multiple 2 port nodes, Octoport & Uno's). Is this compatible with it ?
If so are there versions that I need to ensure the system is set to, for compatibility?

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