PC based feedback/tone test


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Hello aspiring sound folks.
For those of you who wish to practice EQing out feedback and learning the frequency & tones and what they sound like so you can better grab them on an EQ, I came accross this link that is a cool little PC based toy to do just that. Its a virtual EQ and it randomly selects feedback tones and your job--if you decide to accept it, is to click on the EQ slider that is the frequency to shut off the feedback. Very nice and random--however some PC speakers may not go the lowest or highest frequency's that it generates...so if you have average PC speakers some of teh frequency's may not be audible. Still an overall good job...


The person who made it did a nice job and I would hope that if you download it you send him a THANK YOU for taking the time to create it and make it public and available. Perhaps Dave could contact him and swap links with his site and get permissions etc, and add this link to the sound links board on here. Very helpful...


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