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OK folks - I've looked around the forum at the different PC lighting software threads, and I've decided that this needs a new forum. What programs are out there that do have playback/programming wings or can use something like the Behringer BCF2000 for submaster control.

Here's what I've found so far: Horizon has a 24-submaster wing. Rather expensive. Chamsys lighting has a wing as well, but their software is free. They also sell wings with DMX output and programming keys on them, but those are rather expensive. I've heard that the Behringer BCF2000 can be used as a submaster/playback fader wing for some programs, but I don't know what these are. High End has playback and programming wings for HogPC software, but the whole programming/playback/multi-universe output system is approaching the cost of a used Hog console.

So - I'm looking for PC based lighting control programs that can use playback/submaster/programming wings. Maybe I have mentioned all of them?


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If You've read the other threads then you'll no doubt know where I'm going to steer you ! Hands down, the first, the best, pc based lx board, Horizon.


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I don't know if Horizon and the BCF are compatible. I can tell you, however, that LightJockey has a plug-in for the BCF. I don't think it's written by Martin, but by end users. It is, however, available through the Martin site, which says they think it's stable enough to offer it. As for other LJ plug-ins, Paul Pelletier wrote a 512 channel fader board, but it doesn't work for me. There's also a plug-in for the X-Keys joystick controller (no idea if it works), LJ Manager (works very well), and the old Fingers console, which was an actual Martin product. Fingers can be run as a virtual device, but you can't use it on a touchscreen so it kind of defeats the purpose. The hardware version works fine, although there is very limited programming abilities. The other thing is the hardware version is discontinued so good luck finding one.


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Light Factory at www.lifact.com. Its ok, the wings work pretty well despite small size. Its a little pricey for the wings, but the software and dongle are only $500. Not the best, but a good entry level program.


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I'll definitely look in to light factory. I remember seeing them a while back, and looking at their wings.

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