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So i am having problems creating a large format PDF. it keeps creating a notepad file with some scribble and "code" but i cannot get it to print an adobe PDF.

I need to get a large format "d" size print to kinkos to get it printed out.

i need to get it to kinkos to get it printed. what should i do?


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Try using the export feature. You can export as a high quality image file, and there may be a pdf export feature (i forget the options).

If you have a mac, hit print, and then in the lower left corner of the popup window, hit "make PDF".


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I only use Acrobat with Word and excel, so i don't have to think about the conversion (or even know how it really works..) And I know nothing about vectorkworks.

But did you check the Help file and look under the Distiller subjects? I looks like there is direction there for converting other file formats into pdf.



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I use the VW (11.5) image export, usually as a TIFF file, then I use Adobe Professional to import the image and create as .pdf

I've has success with this method to create plots for users that don't have VW.


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