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I have some Phillips hardware that was left over from a job and I would like to utilize some of it
I have approx 5 pds-60ca non programmed power supplies, 6 string lights( iflex MX gen2). With that I only have 2 iflex access power leads so I can only for now get one power supply up and running which is OK for what I want for right now.
I am able to use colorplay software to enable and configure the lights and get them lit up with a PC. However, I would like to create a small light show so I need a controller to do this I'm assuming. I have a PC /laptop that I can use with whatever the recommended controller but would prefer I set it and forget it but not completely necessary. Something that is Cost effective would be the starting point for me. However, different reasons for having different controllers would help. Any help here would be great. Thank you
Not sure if you're still looking for an answer to your question, but have you clicked on the configuration tab? With the Philips controllers you can load the programs on that tab.

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