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This loosely falls under the audio category.

I am looking for the cheapest way to have a phone intercom system from our booth down to the lighting room. All I want to be able to do is have it so 2 phones can talk to each other. It would be really nice if it were rigged so that you could ring the other.

Does anyone know how to wire something like this?

use the search feature as I know that this has been well covered with schematics and parts lists on a few occasions.
Do a quick search on these forums for "phone" or something similar. I seem to remember a discussion about these and speciffically wiring them up back arround the time that I joined. (not too long ago, I dont remember the exact date, but check out <<<---- and it should say somwhere under my name)

If you are still having problems, eather resurect one of those threads or post here again. Have fun! and PLEASE dont be afraid to ask questions about what you find!
Go to and in products look up the DLE-200B telephone line simulator/ringdown circuit. Works great for what you have in mind. If you pick up one phone, the other one rings and when answered creates a circuit between the two. I have used them in shows where the person on stage has a lot of phone dialogue to try and memorize. We have added conversation lines to a script and had the tech person on the other end actually carry on a conversation - ends up sounding a lot more real. Anyway, all you would have to do is get a phone line from your booth to the other. Maybe you could rig up the phones so a light blinks instead of the phone ringing during a show. The unit is right around $100.

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