Pics from the parent performance


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We opened last night, but these are pics from last week, when parents were invited to take pictures. Please excuse the lack of the stage floor being painted....:)








A lot more here:
I Beg your pardon!?! :p

I like that this was your first post.

"I find that cyc so droopy, I am compelled to tell him so!"
Nice hi-quality pics! Nice looks!
jbeutt said:
your cyc's droopy.

To me anyway, it looked like the perfect level of tautness to me. If scrim is too tight it gives an almost industrial type feeling to scene or the space. If a scrim is too loose its vibrations and movements are distracting to the audience. I would say that scrim is at the perfect level of "droopiness" it flows enough to soften the scene but not too much.

Pictures overall:
Looks remarkably similar to when we did Les Miserables 2 years back.
Hopefully your's worked out as great as ours.(we showed those so called "critics")
I think that ought to be a common metaphore in theater. I'm proud of myself. I said cyc, not scrim by the by. Also, no disrespect. I'm just picky like that.

Great job. I think your plot looks really good, although i would not have gone with the color scheme you did, but to each his own.
Looks remarkably similar to when we did Les Miserables 2 years back.

Probably because there were several things that the director insisted upon that were "How it was in Broadway." I tried to pitch the old "but that's copyright infringement," and she said well, just make it LIKE that.... Sigh.

I did not feel any disrespect jbeutt, just goofin around. Hence the :p
Welcome to CB, by the way!

The only real color scheme issue I had with this show was the gate scene (Pic 2) The stage revolves, showing each side of the gate several times. It was green on green for the outside of Rue Plumet, and pink on pink for the inside. After the director saw the change a few times, she said she didn't like that the cyc changed colors. I said, "Ok, but then I can't have the mac's the pink on the inside." She disagreed, and I was stuck with green and pink. The watermelon and hello kitty scene. :)
For me, the cyc in all the pics is a little much. Well not all the pics. I think the last two are the best looks. Just a little too neon for me.
what was the inventory for this show(ie instruments and control)?
Hrm...ok from memory....

16 ETC S4 36 degree from the catwalk,
4 ETC S4 36 degree from above stage
4 ETC S4 50 Degree from above stage for sewer lighting
2 ETC S4 26 Degree from sidebars for fill light

2 Mac 250 Entours Above stage
1 Mac 300 Wash above stage
6 Scoops and 2 Strips for cyc lighting

6 Scoops on the last stage electric focused forward for colored back light

4 altman spots...1000 W, me thinks...

Rosco Delta 3000 Fog Machine

Controlled via HogPC (Wholehog II)

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