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Discussion in 'Wiki' started by derekleffew, May 24, 2009.

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    1. Audio.
    2a. General. To throw or toss. Antonym: catch.
    2b. Colloquially, to dispose of as refuse. "Pitch those worn-out costumes--we'll never use them again."

    3. From airplane terminology: pitch, roll, and yaw. Pitch is the tilt, or angle off horizontal, of an object.

    4. A sales presentation proposal to impress a potential client. "For the pitch we'll need photo-realistic WYSIWYG renderings of the set and lights to show the band."

    5. Ratio of rise over run. A roof with a 4:12 pitch will have a vertical rise of 4 inches for every horizontal run of 12 inches. The angle of the roof would be Inverse Tangent (4/12) or ~18°.
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