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Apr 27, 2007
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Assuming you're talking 4 and 5 pin XLR headsets. No issues, you can go either way. The 5th pin is for stereo headset, the Telex packs have the ability to send Program to the Left or Right side only. It's just a straight adapter, you leave Pin 5 floating.

If you had a 2-eared headset and were flipping between Clearcom and RTS systems frequently enough and really wanted to use the Telex stereo features, I'd probably wire up the headset with a 5-pin and make a 5-pin to 4-pin adapter.


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Jun 12, 2004
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Yeah, but it's a production tool, and I'm a lousy solderer.

On the other hand, I've never actually needed to plug my headset into an RTS panel...
@Jay Ashworth Work on your soldering skills and STAY AWAY from that icky plastic stuff that oozes out of a toothpaste-like tube and purports to be as good as traditional 63/37. About a decade ago, I caught a self important, high school, King of his booth kid soldering 1/4" speaker cables and XLR4 headset cables with that metal-laced plastic stuff marketed in tubes. The kid had "repaired" and / or "modified" at least a half dozen cables with that 'Equine excrement' before I discovered his handy work and explained life to him.
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