Plots and Hook-ups.


What would you say is the best lighting program?

i like lightwright, but its not my favorite.

i need a program to make plots and hook-ups.


this might not due what you want but I love capture. It is very useful as a visulizer and it is helping me learn hog pc, Instead of buy a wiget I can just set up my show and tell it to take commands from hog pc and BAM. Instead of having to look at the DMX out I can see what is happing.
Great demo no save feature and limited to 90 minutes.
I've used Excel and Lightwright in the past. Excel I like because I am very familiar with it, and it's on most any PC you're going to encounter these days it seems. Lightwright is handy because it will run the reports with minimal work, but, given the same data in a spreadsheet, you can sort the columns and hit print a few times. Lightwright does have the upper hand on usability if you want to do more than run paperwork. You can get the information from Excel, and make mass formulaic changes, but, it's going to take you a while.
There is an addon for AutoCad I am gonna try: LDAssistant
Got the demo cd yesterday!

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