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I'll get right to the point, as I have to be at the theater in 7 minutes.
Does anyone have any experience with the Pocket Palette Wireless Remote, and strand 300 or 500 series consoles? I've been looking into this remote, as aforementioned my focus sessions consists of, myself, and the director. This might make life a heck of a lot easier. Unfortunately. I can't find any information on it on any website besides Strand's, let alone pricing information, and where to order from.

I need to know:
Where to purchase
How to interface with the console
Ease of use
More specific info than Strand



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They interface over a wifi connection over the shownet network. They are very easy to use and work very well. As far as cost, I think they run under a grand, though I don't know how much under. Any strand dealer sells them. Grandstage in chicago is a great strand dealer.


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My understanding is the "Pocket Palette" is specifically for the new Palette/Light Palette consoles, is based on an industrial "PDA", and is $3K-4K. For the 300/500, you need the older wireless remote, which is based on a standard (iPaq) PDA.

Best bet is to contact your local Strand dealer, as was suggested.

For Philly, the local representative is:
Diverisified Lighting Associates
825 Mearns Rd.
Warminster, Pennsylvania 18974
USA Tel: 215-442-0700
Fax: 215-442-0310
Contact: Jerry Davis
Web: www.diverisifiedlighting.com

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Yeah Fred's right you need the older model that runs on an Ipaq... the software won't run on Palm OS. It has to be that Ipaq version of Windows. All you need from Strand is the software... find the Ipaq on E-bay, add a wireless router... I bet you can set it up for under $750. Email Strand to find your local Strand dealer... if you don't know one already.


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It actually runs on Windows mobile software. I you get the software for the PDA from strand website, you need a key for the console. The new remote is backwards compatible with the 300 and 500 series. I have the software installed on my x50v from dell and it works great. The wireless card in the iPaq's are not that good, I get much better connections from the x50v. Any pocket PC will run the software. Also, the older remotes are compatible with the new consoles as well.

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