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Discussion in 'Education and Career Development' started by Shakspeares suck, Jun 4, 2009.

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    Hey CB it has been awhile since I've been on here and it is good to be back. A while back I posted a thread ( asking for help on creating my portfolio...which I never started due to school and testing and my show. However Summer has Come!! and now is the time to sit my butt down and get this thing going. On the previous thread someone stated that I should give a list of what I think should be in the portfolio and then be critiqued, so here goes (it is a 11x14" portfolio):

    the first two pages:
    1) Name, email, all that jazz
    2) resume (attached, critique welcomed)

    then for each show
    1) Important show credits, name of show, pictures underneath
    2) 1 page short paper discussing concepts and issues with show, pictures underneath
    3) perlim. sketches and research for show
    4) Final plot
    5) Paper work
    6) production photos

    thanks you all and i welcome any advice

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