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Hello everyone, I am at the point where I need to start getting things together for a portfolio and I am just wondering if anyone has any suggestions as to how I should go about doing this. What is important, what isn't, etc. How do people organize a portfolio, what works best, etc. Any information will be helpful to me and others I'm sure!


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I guess it depends upon the intended use.

My advise would be to update it on a regular basis. Otherwise you run the risk of forgetting things.

I would error on the side of putting everything in to begin with and then you can trim it down at a later stage.


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I just took a class geared torwards this. Do you want me to post mine online as an example? This is what's considered a technical resume and cover letter.


I am also in the process of getting together a portfolio but my portfolio is for entrance into a major program in college. To enter this program you have to go through a interview process and some other elements, too. Any help would be great!


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This was discussed about a year ago also with a lot of posts to the question.


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Ok, as I said I would do, here is a fake cover letter, resume, reference page.

Keep in mind I did this at 3 am and I make it all up. :) Hope this helps. ( Some of the spacing did not work out right but im sure you get the idea. I dont feel like editing it given that I have a 20 hour day tommorow) I hope to soon have my real resume online, but intill then, this will have to do.

Cover Letter


What school are you trying to get into? Every year at my school, i am required to present my portfolio in front of the theatre administrators. From that presentation, they decide whether or not i am to stay in the program for the next year. If you need more help with yours, i think i can help, just let me know specifics, and i will tell you what i suggest.

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