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RHS Variety Show - click on image to open in full size</a>
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Fiddler On The Roof (SMT) - click on image to open in full size</a>
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No they're actually all from different venues. These were probably the my best FOH pics. I tried not to post post to many from the same venue because the gear for the most part doesn't change. The house system at my main facility (1st pic, it's normally setup in a booth minus all that extra gear) is simlar to a neighboring facility (2nd pic). I thought I'd post the best of the best. Do you have any nice shots Peter?
Here's our FOH at school, and my personal rig. Crappy pics, but I'm gonna get better ones in a few weeks. Click for larger versions

The board for a variety show

Anything Goes

Our old sound guy in Dead Man Walking

Me during the variety show

My personal rig at home
What is the desk in the first pic?
right now my sound and light boards are packed away to make way for a hog iPC and 36 moving lights for a dance show(outside group) i'll have some pics of our booth setup (mackie 32*8 and ETC express 48/96) once the dance show is done.

here is a pic standing in the house and looking at the booth and one of the dance LD and the hog in the the booth. (sorry for crappy pics. i took them on my cell phone.)

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don;t know if these pics will work
Nice place you have there!
My school has issues about pictures of the school being posted on the interent for security's sake. But, this pic might as well be anywhere and it's mostly my equipment (except the desk it's all mine, not that there is
much in the pic).

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click on image to open in HUGE size</a>

That is more or less all we have for sound equipment, and yes, that is my laptop and firepod. We have a DriveRack in the booth that processes the main and delays the delays but that's about it. For this setup I was running the Mains out the main, and a Bus out to annother old mixer/amp combo hidden off the side of the stage powering extra speakers. I was also running an aux mix for the monitors and an aux mix (basicly an insert) to my Firepod for recording. Fun show... did alot of stuff with very limited equipment! (yes, everything is facing the wrong way b/c we dont have enough cable to move the mixer anywhere but 3/4ths of the way out the window)
Thanks for the compliment Peter. I use it mainly for Church. I run sound (and play guitar) for our teen mass. It could also be found at a few other events involving church or church music. I also use it to record a few bands around school. My desktop is to the right of all that, I just use the CD out and into my computer and edit in Sony Soundforge or ACID.

I'm hoping to expand (new amp, mixer, monitors) to have a really sweet little rig going, though I can already rattle the windows at home

What mixer is that in your rig? I know I've seen them before but can't put my finger on it (don't you hate when that happens?). Also, who makes the firepod? I'm looking to expand my recording capabilities, I was contemplating the new ONYX series from Mackie, but, I'd like to know more about this Firepod.
It really is a nice looking theatre. as for those monitors, the two small ones are the touchscreens for the hog, the big one on the right is a external touch screen for the hog and the small one on the right is the LD's laptop.

Here is more info on the iPC

now keep in mind that this stuff is all rental. not ours. it's for a big dance recitle that is just useing our auditorium. (which also means that i get to play around with 12 colour commands, 6 colour merges, 4 technobeams, 2 studio spot 575, 3 studiocolurs, 3 X.Spot Xtreme's, and a huge fiber drape with 6 colur FX's. last year they ran a WholeHog II that i sat down and taught myself how to run and this year it's a WholeHog iPC running hog III software that i've taght myself too.)
It's a Eurorack MX 3242X it works, but when you get down to it it's not a very good board. It doesnt sound particulary good (I, on occasion, have used the preamps in my Firepod instead of the preamps in it!) and tries to be alot more then it is. I have yet to find a use for it's B-Mix function.... I have alot more flexabilty using a bus or aux group and think that the b-mix is there just so they can say it is a bigger board! Also, there is an issue where the line inputs do not listen to the gain knob, and if the gain is turned up at all for them the volume suddenly fluctuates between really soft and really loud. (the sound guys who are re-installing parts of our system think this is how the tweeters were blown in our main cluster)

I really cant say I recommend that board!

On the otherhand, I can REALLY recommend the Firepod! It is made by Presonus and I LOVE it. I think there are some other posts about it arround the site, otherwise there is a thread arround here about when I was looking at buying digitial recording equipment. If you want to resurect that thread I'll be glad to answer questions or describe it now (and not let this thread get way off topic)

External touch screen? that's cool. is that something that comes with the Hog or something that you bought after market? I need one of those for my laptop!
touch screens can be bought from computer stores. i would say they have a 15 n a 17 inch version
the external touch screen is the LD's. He's got two of them that he uses on his Hog III. i'm not sure on brands or sizes but i'll check today
I thought it was a Behringer. I have the Mackie DFX, and while it's small, I love it. I hate Behringer, except for my EQ (the silver one), it's made by them, and it sounds really good, shows wich freq. feedsback too, very useful.

I'll search around the sight for that other thread, that firepod has my interest. We get Tablets next year for school, I smell a good thing about to happen for my recording buisness!
The whole (rather long) thread is here (to save you some searching)

If you think it is too long and random of a thread to continue, go ahead and start a new thread, I'll see it which ever way you choose (got to love the "posts since last visit" feature!)

Nope, it's not a Beherenger, or a Mackie or any other brand I had even heard of before we got it!
Well, my friend has a 24 channel Eurorack, and it's a Behringer, plus, to me it looks like one of their products, and, from what you describe, it sounds like one of theirs.

Found the website, please don't throw your maglight at me for that link

Now htat I've seen a pic fo the firepod, I know what it is now. I have an ad for it (and a few other things like it) in a MIX magazine right in front of me.
Hmm would you look at that! lol ok, :: feels dumb and crawls in to a corner:: I dono, it deff. says Eurorack all over it and that is deff. the predominant markings all over the packaging and manual!

Anyways, I guess it just goes to show my unbiased (by brand anway) oppion that it isnt a very good mixer!

There is an (artistically) faded image of the firepod on my recording page: here but there are more pics of it on presonus's webpage too
Hey i have no pics of my FOH but ill list what we have

1 PWR Amp
2 Yorkvile speakers
1 dule cd deck
1 makie 24ch SR
1 pro tols digi02 mixer verson for playback/ recording Rented from me
1 G4 Rented from me
2 flat screen monitors rented from me

and my own personal gear

1 36ch makie SR
1 Effects rack and all that jazz
1 pwr amp
4 powerd monitors
2 yorkvile elite speakers
2 yorkvile subs
tones of cable
tones of mics condesors and all

Plus the prottols and computer gear listed above

next purchase is a hog ipc


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