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There is no real dedicated forum for this, so I shall post here in the hope of the most viewage.

I am looking for some good Audio-Visual presentation software for a theatre/auditorium environment.

Assume a computer running Windows XP with the possibility of both an onboard and secondary VGA output.

We want to use the computer to play CDs, DVDs, PowerPoint, videos, mp3s wmas etc and are really just looking for a way to streamline it all.

Moderate or no cost is an advantage.

Thanks in advance guys.


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When you say "I'm looking for some good Audio-visual presentation software" What do you mean? If you are running off a computer/laptop which has XP, couldn't you just use a variety of Powerpoint/DVD Players/MP3,WMA Players to play your sources?

Just need a bit more clarification. I know what you want to do by running it through the VGA outputs (I presume to projectors?) but still slightly confused about the 'software' part.



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We want to use the computer to play CDs, DVDs, PowerPoint, videos, mp3s wmas etc and are really just looking for a way to streamline it all.

Well, iTunes, Windows Media Player, PowerPoint, whatever the default XP DVD player is...... I think you may have answered your own question there.

But I do not know of any beautiful GUI software that will streamline it for you. Well, Macs and their FrontRow software may be close....
I'm just looking for a way to streamline things, like a media management system - so that instead of changing programs etc etc wasting time loading things up we can keep it as professional as possible on the screen.

Basically some kind of thing where we can add all kinds of content into some sort of schedule, and run through it without changing programs or having any program windows come up on the screen, only the video when we need it.

I had forgotten about MediaShout - we had a demo on our church system at some point. I will check it out again to see if it is appropriate.


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I've BSed something similar out of Keynote (Apples answer to Powerpoint, same concept). I created slides that as a full screen had a movie on it. Also had a slide that had a quicktime audio file in it, just push play and it runs. Then push the space bar, go to the next slide, and there is whatever your running next. Not the best way, but its free if you already have powerpoint.
I'm wondering about Freepath's ability to deliver out of the US, and how much it will cost in $AU


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Freepath and MediaShout are both good programs. I've seen Freepath on sale, (can't remember where OR when) but it was about AUD$230. From what I remember, that was what it was. But i'm sure a google will give you some answers.


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Media shout 2.5 if you can find it. Even though the newer version, 3, is out it is a peice of crap and a total waste of money. It is more of a downgrade than an upgrade.
Is there anything in between the two? :confused:

Freepath is far too simple whereas MediaShout is way complex.

At this stage MediaShout looks the go between the two...except we don't want the Bibles and stuff that is really half the cost!!!

What makes you say that about MediaShout 2.5?


I did the launch of a church in a very out-of-the-way suburb about a week ago, and this particular group of churches appears to be using something called "easy worship" to do all their AV stuff- apparently it takes in PowerPoint files, but you can busk your own stuff over them, blend in messages, create stuff on the fly, trigger video sequences, and then probably do music as well- although it's aimed at the church market, it looks like quite a nifty little app to me.

If you're planning on using the PC for SFX cues, don't bother with presentation software- go with winamp- that's the answer to all of society's problems!
Thanks for that...EasyWorship is actually what I use at my chuch here.

However it towards churches that perhaps it is a little way too far, although it IS an option.

Thanks for that.

I actually recently found a PCI graphics card I had forgotten about...might give it a plug and see just how these pieces of software 'pare up.

I think Mediashout 2.5 is still a download from the site.

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