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Discussion in 'Wiki' started by lieperjp, Mar 24, 2009.

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    The term Preview can carry many meanings. It depends on the house and circumstances of the preview. Here are a few definitions:

    From this post by [user]lieperjp[/user]

    1. Dress rehearsal with a few audience members present to observe and comment on the show.

    2. Dress rehearsal for press to come in and review the show before opening night.

    From this post by [user]Esoteric[/user]

    1.Closed preview full tech - Just a final tech rehearsal, but with the designers no longer changing placement and timing of cues, only levels, designers are still in the house on headset.

    2.Invited preview full tech - A few invited audience memebers attend, again, designers are still on headsets in the house adjusting cues, but not placement or timing.

    3.Open Preview full tech - Open to any who wish to attend, again with designers working in the house.

    4.Closed/Invited/Open preview special tech - Same as above but designers are in the house taking notes instead of on headset.

    Sold preview - Audiences paying to see the preview. This is NEVER a working tech. At the most the designers are in the booth taking notes.

    Also, a possible display of a lighting console, often called "Blind" showing a lighting state not on stage ("Live").
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