Primary light in your theatre?


So, after working in several theates than my schools (which has been one of the more "gettoh" ones compared to some) I was wondering what your primeary type of light onstage/in your cove is.

My school has primeraly Fernsels (6" and 8") on stage with a set of 2 RGBW strips, and 20° Shakesperes from the cove and torms, with the occasionaly 6x9 and 6x12 ellipsoidal or 30° Zoom
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In high school, we had 26 degree source fours in FOH, and 36 degree S4's scattered around in the electrics. We also had Colortran 6" fresnels lamped at 750w. Our cyclights were 3-cell L&E Runts, lamped at 750w as well.

In college, we have a ton of Altman 360Q's of all shapes and sizes. Anything from 4.5x6.5 all the way up to 6x22 can be found in our inventory. Lots of source fours as well; we have a couple 10 degree units, plus a ton of 19, 26, and 36 degree units, plus a few 50 degree lenses. The S4's here are almost exclusively reserved for gobo projection and scroller use, plus any other special effects that may be put into an ERS. The Altmans don't get anything but shutter cuts and gels on the front. We have a lot of PAR64 cans used for downlight. We also have a growing number of S4 pars, which are also used for downlight and for other purposes. We've also got some PAR56 strips and MR16 strips. We also have a lot of 6", 8" and two 12" (5kW) fresnels. Cycs are coverered by 4-cell far cycs, lamped at 1kW or 1.5kW depending on the show. They're also covered by 3-cell groundrows, which also occasionally get hung with C-clamps (as they are right now for Urinetown). They're lamped at 1kW.


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High school was mostly Source4s (mostly 19s, but also 26s-50s) and Source 4 PARs. A few 6" fresnels as well, plus 2 strips.

College is lots and lots of 360Qs, but also many Source4s. Bunch of PAR 64s, bunch of Source4 PARs, and a smattering of fresnels and other such fixtures that mostly stay on the racks.


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We've got 36 Shakespeare 600 20s for zone and special lighting from the front, a mix of about 15 different Shakespeares for back/down lighting, and 9 old scoops on the back curtail for color washes.


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High school: old century lekos, fresnels, and par38 strips. We also got some cheap parcans with four-pack dimmers.


Theater: all angles of source fours and source four zooms except five degree, tons of source four pars, strand zoom lekos, cyc lights, T3 groundrows, zip strips, scoops, 6" fresnels, aluminum parcans, inkies, birdies, and an assortment of other things.

Music Hall/Performing Arts Center: all degrees of shakespeares, 8" fresnelites, star pars, strand iris cyc lights, ground row cyc lights, parcans, 6" fresnels, old zoom lekos, old 8" monster lekos, old 10" monster lekos.
source four zooms - we have both 25-50s and 15-30s. we also use quite a few ADB F51 fresnels which arent really that great but i cant complain really


Highschool: moving away from boxy Altman zooms (which are out of production - HOARD YOUR PARTS!) and Leko 20's, 30's, and 40's (which are a pain because nobody knew the difference...) towards Source 4's. Not many parcans, some cyc lights in the back, and some 6" Fresnels of varying vintage.

College: Lotta Source 4's, but I haven't really gotten to look around, as Buildings and Grounds actually monitors these things hawkishly and the show's still a month away.
A bit of everything. Brands generally Strand, Prolite and Selecon. Plus a couple of crap cheapie multipars that run through bulbs.

Multipars (too many - very bright and very hot)
PAR64s (4)
Asymmetrical Floods(several)
Asymmetrical Cyc Floods (12)
Symmetrical Floods (a few)
Fresnels (um well there's about 8 in our main theatre anyway, tons in drama department)
8" Fresnels (2x 2K)
Profiles (16 inc four old Silhouettes)
2K Followspots (2)

So I guess Primary lights are Profiles and floods. :oops:


(2) Lycian Super Arc 400 model 1267 followspots
(16) Color Kinetics ColorBlaze72 LED strips
(40) Strand SL 15°/32° zoom ellipsoidals
(20) Strand SL 23°/50° zoom ellipsoidals
(20) Strand SL 50° ellipsoidals
(13) Colortran 20° ellipsoidals
(13) Colortran 30° ellipsoidals
(20) Strand 8" 2K fresnels (lamped at 1K)
(16) Iris 1K flood lights
(1) Strand 520i console
(4) Strand CD80sv dimmer racks with (96) 2.4kW dimmers each (384 dimmers total, including house lights)
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I work in a high school. All of these instrument except for the S4s are at least 15 years old,
8 Altman 1KL8-10, 10o beam spread
10 6 x 9 / 43o Strand#2209 7 1/2" frame
30 6 x 12 / 31o Strand#2212 7 1/2" frame
10 6 x 16 / 23o 1000w Strand#2216 7 1/2" frame
19 Fresnel 1000w Kliegl Bros. 9 1/2 x 10"
1 Fresnel 1000w Strand Century 10 1/2" frame
11 Par 56 10" frame
21 14" Scoop Strand 14" frame
6 border lights - 4 circuit
11 border lights - 3 circuit
20 Source Four 10o
a large number of REALLY old & unused Kliegel Klieglights - maybe museum pieces?:grin:


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1000 some source fours of varying degrees
number of pars and fresnels of various measurements
cyc lights and the whole stuff

source fours
mac 2K, 600, 500, 250, and some other macs.
and a lot of other random crap.


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We have 3 electrics, a beam, and a front of house.

We just have moslty old Altman fresnels on the 1st and 2nd electrics, with a few S4 PARs, and a few S4 ERS's for special, and on the ends. For our 3 electric, we borrow 3-circuit cyc lights from a neighboring school. Our beam (over the apron) has 2 scoops just used like worklights or for band concerts. It also has a lot of ERS's and a few PARs. Our front of house lights over the audience are all S4 ERS's (36 degree)


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In the newer auditorium at my school we use Soure4s FOH and a mixture of Altman Star Pars and ETC parnels for down lights on the grid. We also have six source 4s that we are using for high side lights.

In the theatre that is much older, we use 6" fresnel cans, par cans, fresnnel elipsodals and a few source 4s.


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Lighting Instrument Inventory

Control System: ETC Express 48/96 Control Board
SR 48 Rack, 96 Dimmers @ 2.4KW each

Lighting Instruments:

Altman 30 Deg. Shakespeare’s 10
Altman 40 Deg. Shakespeare’s 8
Altman 6x9 360Q 16
Altman 6x12 360Q 1
Altman 3.5x9 1
Altman 6” Fresnels 2
ETC Source Four Pars 10
ETC Source Four 26 Deg. 5
ETC Source Four 36 Deg. 12
ETC Source Four Jr's 26 Deg. 18
Kleigel Model 1355 6x9 4
Selecon Axial Zoom 20
Selecon Acclaim Fresnels 34
Strand 12 Light 3 Circuit Strip (R40) 1
Altman 15 Light 3 Circuit Strip (R40) 2

Note: Strip lights have par 38 150W so all three can be used as a RGB cyc wash and only use three dimmers

Lighting Accessories

6” Barn Doors 6
6” Extenders (6") 4
6” Extenders (3") 4
12” Side Arms 6
16” Side Arms 6
24” Side Arms 8
Pattern Holders (Altman B size) 10
Pattern Holders (ETC B size) 17
Pattern Holders (M size) 18
7 1/2” Donuts 12
6 1/4” Donuts 12
Gel Frames for all Instruments

Altman Dyna-Spot 1500W w/blower 2

Note: Blower and lamp are wired separately to enable lamp to be dimmed from control board.

I'll try to post some pics of our last show (Anything Goes) in the correct forum
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I own my own small touring rig and it's largely antiques.
18 500w Fresnels mostly Minims or similar all about twenty years old but in good working condition 4 of them almost new prolite.
16 Par 56
4 Par 64
12 Par 16 (interestingly enough 240volt)
believe it or not
4 Strand Patt 23 Profiles still a surprisingly good light,
4 CCT 1000 zoom profiles
and a mixed bag of other stuff including two ground rows (manufacturer unknown have been rebuilt at least twice) a few old strand floods some pin spots etc.
Old strand analogue racks (3 x 12 channel) a demux and a Celco 60 channel digital board that also drives my scans and a few other DMX goodies.
I have fun.


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High School (at least as it was 5 years ago):
6" Strand Fresnels
Strand Lekolite zooms
Strand Patt23's
Altman 360Q's
Strand/Century 4 cell cyc strips in a permanent installation
Altman "boxy" zooms
Strand CD80 dimmers (24 @ 1.2kW)
Strand MX 24/48 console

Source 4 26 degrees
Source 4 zooms
Strand Leko 18/30
Strand Leko 25/50
Altman 360Q's
Colortran 30 degrees
EC 6" fresnels
Strand 6" fresnels
Colortran 6" fresnels
Strand Coda 4 cell
Strand Coda single cell
Colortran far cyc (4 cell)
probably more I'm forgetting...
EC dimmers (184 @ 2.4kW)
ETC dimmers (48 @ 2.4kW)
Strand 520i console
Strand MX 24/48 console
Strand 100 series console
ETC Express 48/96 console
ETC Encore console
ETC 12 ch two scene console

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