priming broadway flats


ok so ive found several different methods for priming flats, but most of them require a bit of cash. im doing cleansed by sarah kane and only have $300 for my budget! if anyone could help me with a cheap priming method it would help SO damn much. i dont have any excess paint but i do have a decent amount of glue. if you could give me proportions on stuff or just other ideas i would really appreciate it
Hey Kevo,

A little more info will be good to help you along.

Are you talking about sizing or priming?

Not trying to pick-a-nit with vocabulary here, just that one of these operations is very cheap and the other cost a little more money - maybe we can figure out how to save you some.

If you're priming, is it new material that's being primed or are you priming over previously painted stuff?

Finally, what's the general square footage that you need to cover?

John O.

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