Automated Fixtures Problems With HES ColorMerge


Hi, let me begin by saying yes, I know colormerges are old and EOL. But it's what I have on hand right now because it's what we got from the rental house.

Anyway, I have used these fixtures for a few years now, not super reliable. I have had issues in the past where a frame would get stuck or something, simply re-greasing the sliders usually worked, but now I have an issue I've yet to see.

The unit powers on, but when the ColorPower commands the merges to home, this fixture will not home. It's not stuck because the slides move freely when it's not powered, but they lock up when powered on. (this is expected since they use stepper motors)

I'm not sure at all why this unit is having such issues unless the main control board failed, but if you have any ideas, I will take em.



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If the steppers are locking hard, that means the stepper motors, cabling, and drivers are working. Your problem is upstream of this - the control side. DMX receiver, main control, etc.

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