Our Fall Drama was Get Smart. It turned out quite well, however there was one thing that bothered me immensly. Thursday of Tech Week, with a Friday show, we finally had somewhat of a real run-thru. The actors were still struggling with their lines. As SM, its hard to give cues when the actors can't supply me with ample evidence as to the placement of their lines relative to the sound cues. Considering that the Thursday Tech Rehearsal was basically a flop, We really did an excellent job with the Friday show. That's what bothers me the most. We work so hard all week trying to get a slight idea of what is going to happen during the show, and then when the show comes, it turns out exactly the way its supposed to. The Set Construction Crew seemmed to take extra long to build the ste, which put the Scenic Design team behind schedule to start with. I guess in the future I will just have to start having build sessions every early before the show, since two months is not enough. The killer of it all is that the same few people do everything and everyone else does nearly nothing. I hate the way we take so long to do everything, so I guess I have to take the responsibility to get everything organized and started sooner to ensure plenty of time. So, what it boils down to is hating myself for procratinating and being unorganized.
Welcome to Every Type of Theatre............

I've opened large scale touring shows, only to have the only full run through when an audience is sitting in the seats. (of course those were also the same shows that tanked prematurely :rofl:)
Get used to it.

I've spent a career doing one off's, and/or tours that have zero run-thru time.

We did a tour 2 years ago of State Fair. In Act I, Scene 1, the characters spend (if memory serves) a goodly bit of time trying to convince whomever, to travel X amount of days to get to the State Fair.

All the while they're incorrectly playing in front of the State Fair drop. Right smackin' behind all that dialogue.

Frustrating that the road crew never caught it, nor did we. No time to give the stage a good look at from the audience view.

Our usual comment with no rehearsals of any kind, is at places to say "Well, let's hope this rehearsal goes better then the last one". If it didn't and the show is striking that night, it's "We'll get it bright tomorrow".

The only answer is to know that you did all that you could do in the time allotted, to the best of your ability.

Thanks I feel a little better about the whole thing now. At least we did get a rehearsal in. And we had one good show besides.

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