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profile spot

Discussion in 'Wiki' started by STEVETERRY, Feb 7, 2009.


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    1. Similar to an ERS, a hard-edged fixture capable of projecting shapes (shutters/iris/gobo). Many profile spots use a spherical reflector and an optical train of condensing/objective lenses, considerably more sophisticated than that of an ERS.

    2. A type of automated lighting fixture capable of achieving a hard edge and projecting gobos. Many manufacturers' fixture lines contain both "Spot" and "Wash" versions of the same light: Martin MAC 700 Profile/MAC 700 WASH; Martin MAC 2000 Profile/MAC 2000 Performance (adds shutters&animation)/MAC 2000 Wash/MAC 2000 WashXB; Vari*Lite VL3000 Spot/VL3000 Wash, etc.
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