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Projection Screen from Amazon?

Discussion in 'Multimedia, Projection, and Show Control' started by kcs220, Oct 9, 2018.

  1. kcs220

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    I have a small stage that we use projections on, typically on flats specific to the show, against the back wall of the stage (there is nothing behind it, literally a solid wall - I can't project directly onto it, though, because of irregularities in the wall). We were thinking that something a little more generic (that also covers more area) might be a good investment and much easier to store- but of course this was decided very close to our next show going up.

    Is there any reason that I'm not thinking of to avoid a projection screen off of Amazon? I've been on Rosebrand and Roscoe, but want to avoid sewing if I can (the artistic director despised a drop with a horizontal seam).

    I'm between something like this (which I know would need tension mounted) or maybe making something from spandex with a PVC frame I could break down.

    Thanks for your input!
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  2. FMEng

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    Tacoma, WA
    Real projection screen material is more efficient at reflecting light to the viewer's eye than plain fabric. Consequently, a screen will always look brighter and have better contrast. I believe Da-Lite and others make screens that fasten with snaps onto a folding metal frame. They are tensioned and wrinkle free, but store compactly.

    Also consider viewing angles and select the proper screen material. Screen material designed for a narrower viewing angle has more light gain, but will not look good from off to the side. Screen for broader viewing won't be quite as bright, but will look better from all angles.
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    Burlington, Ontario, Canada
    @kcs220 and @FMEng Posting to emphasize the importance of viewing angles. Rosco Lab's manufactures, or used to, a black rear-screen material which was extremely dramatic when a vivid and bright full color image magically appeared on the jet black surface from behind. GREAT when viewed from on the centre-line. Horrific when viewed from off centre in a wide, shallow, auditorium. Patrons off to one side literally observed only half the image with the opposite side appearing totally unlit. It was always "interesting" and informative to walk the width of the auditorium observing how the image appeared (or did NOT) totally dependent upon your position within the seating. I learned this in the 1970's and have yet to forget the lesson.
    Ron Hebbard
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